Project Description

The new school building for Northeast Magnet High School completed in August of 2012 is a state-of-the-art facility providing for educational opportunities that the former building and location could not provide. The facility also helps relieve over-crowding at Heights High School. Northeast Magnet is the district’s only magnet high school and has magnet areas in law, public service, science, and visual arts. Students have exciting educational opportunities featuring a solid academic core with emphasis on mathematics and language arts. The FEMA shelter provides protection to students in the case of a tornado or other security threat. It is the first high school to be built in the Wichita Public Schools since 1978.

In addition to the safety and educational opportunities that the new facility provides, Northeast Magnet High School features unique architecture such as the inside and outside radiuses in the exterior canopy outside of the library, the linear wood ceilings in the lunch room and under walkways, complex floating acoustical clouds, sound baffles, and diffusers in the auditorium, and the suspended acoustical ceiling cloud over the swimming pool. The modern features of Northeast Magnet’s new facility provides plenty of space and new amenities for students as well as providing students with reasons to take pride in their school and their education.  The Law Company, Inc. was the general contractor for this project.