Project Description

The new school building for Isely Traditional Magnet School will replace the existing building with a state-of-the-art facility providing for exciting new educational opportunities that the existing building cannot provide. The FEMA storm shelter will provide excellent protection to students as well as peace-of-mind to parents in the case of a tornado or other weather emergency threat. This building will offer a comfortable, fun, and safe atmosphere for students.

In addition to new opportunities for education and safety, Isely features unique architecture such as the suspended radius drywall clouds in the main corridor, the red-white-and-blue flag sound baffles in the gymnasium, and Tectum panels throughout the building. The exterior walls and canopies with metal panels give the building a very modern look, and the patriotic red-white-and blue color scheme throughout the structure really makes features such as the bulkhead soffits in the main corridor stand out. The modern features of the new building will definitely provide students with reasons to take pride in their school and their education.